Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Arrivals

Hi Guys,

It`s been a while since we have posted anything here,  we have been extremely busy filling custom orders and have had some amazing pieces come through our workshop recently.

I will be sharing these shortly,    but first thought i`d show you some photo`s of our raw timber.
We have some amazing 375 year old Jarrah heading our way,  here is a shot of the log on the mill just before slabbing.

Most importantly all our timber is sourced sustainably,   we utilise trees that have fallen over naturally in storms,  bush fires and just due to old age.
We also plant around 4000 trees per annum in order to reduce our carbon footprint,  it is very important to us here at Floating Edge Design that this precious resource is sourced sustainably.

We are proud to be value adding and turning otherwise discarded trees and logs into heirloom quality,  pieces of functional art that can be handed down through the generations.

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Designs Released

Hi Everyone,

Well it`s been busy here as usual,   we have finally released our new Luxor Leg design.
We are very happy with the results,   the design features internal LED lighting,   run via 240v or battery power.
The panels are laser cut 316 grade stainless steel,   giving a stunning night time effect.

We can utilise this design in a few different ways,  firstly we have produced a 1.5m square sheoak dining table,  along with a 1.5m round jarrah dining table.

We have a few more ways on which we can put this new design to use so stay tuned.

We have a couple of video`s below and some pics here so hopefully that gives you an idea of how this new design works.

Thanks for looking,


Jarrah Dining Table With Our New Luxor Leg Design

Sheoak Dining Table with our new Luxor Leg design

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Marri Designs

Hi All,

We have been super busy here creating some new designs due for release soon,  cant wait to share these with everyone.

They feature some laser cut stainless steel panels and will end up looking quite spectacular.

In the meantime we have just completed a couple of new items featuring some amazing 245 year old highly figured Marri.
Marri is native to Western Australia and is one of the more spectacular hardwoods found anywhere in the world.
It is in extremely short supply and we are very fortunate to have such a fine example of this timber to work with.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshop tour and new designs due for release inside the next couple of weeks.


New Marri Table with Floating Edge Base

Friday, May 11, 2012

Radiocarbon Dating Results

Hi All,
We have just completed a few more new and exiting designs here.
we have also just had our timber radiocarbon dated with some amazing results.
This method is a scientific way of gaining a very accurate age of wood and other materials.
Our Karri is 375 years old,  our jarrah 350 years old and Marri at 245 years old.  Quite incredible when you think about it

8 seater she oak dining table

1.8m round karri burl

8 seater curly jarrah dining table